Used Sofa set in montreal + FREE DELIVERY 160$ !!


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Used Sofa set in montreal + FREE DELIVERY 160$ !!

Used sofa set includ of :

3 seat + 1 seat

Condition : good

Cousins: included

Number of cousions : 5 cousins

Condition of cousins: not new but not also bad.

Material of sofa : Wooden

Single sofa has the power to swining.

Color : Same as the picture

Delivery : Free in Montreal

Free in Laval

30$ for outside the montreal up to 80Km far away

Seat’s Condition : good

Pet : never touched

Smok : never used

hidden fees : Nothing At all !

160 $ is the last and final price that you are watching here!

just for Delivery used of this coupon during of your purches for your free delivery :


everything like tax and any other fees counted in 160$ so this price it would be the last price as it shown here just don’t forget to use of your coupon during of your purches.

last price would be 160 $ and everything like tax and everything is incuded of this price !! Trust us and believe us. we are GETORWHAT.COM.





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