Coordinating shawls with coats by their colors

November 10, 2019 By sadra 0

Here are some information about how to coordinate your shawl with coat by their colors in winter and autumn. These points are useful for being chic outside and in different ceremonies.

Which shawls are suitable to coordinate with black coat?

If you are wearing black coats, wearing black shawls are not suitable because they make a monotonous style and show you older than your original age. Using shawls in red, dark blue, yellow, grey and dark green are more preferable.

In addition, using white shawls with black coat decreases your attraction and show you older than your original age.  Specially if you have a dark skin color.

It should be noted that when buying a shawl, despite coordinating the shawl with the color of your coat, shoes or bag, you have to consider your skin color.

Your skin color and your shawl must be adaptable. If your shawl and your skin color don’t go with each other not only they decrease your beauty but also they show your face inappropriate. For more advice please read the articles below.

Which coats go with red shawls?

If your choice is red shawl and you want to show off yourself, then you shouldn’t choose a coat with green, black, white, purple or orange; Because they decrease your attraction. The other colors are acceptable in choosing a suitable coat. The green coats are the best choice for coordinating with the red shawl.

What is the general principle for colors?

There is a general principle for colors. The primary colors and the secondary colors.

As an example, blue color with purple, green and black make a good color combination together. Also, the loud colors like yellow with red and orange make an eye catching combination. These color combinations are like the complements for each other. In addition, There are several colors in colors cycle that when they combine together they complete each other.

As an example, the combination of red and blue is the purple color which is in contrast to yellow. The combination of yellow and blue is green which is the complementing color for red.

Obviously, if you want to increase the attraction of your clothes, instead of using different colors together, try to use complementing colors together.

What are the Primary colors and Secondary colors?

Primary colors contain yellow, red and blue.

Secondary colors contain these combinations of colors:

Purple is from the combination of yellow and blue. Orange is from the combination of yellow and red.

What are the Tertiary colors?

Apart from this. there is another group of colors which name is Tertiary colors. Tertiary colors are the combination of primary colors and secondary colors. For example, the turquoise color is from the combination of green and blue. Or the combination of yellow and green is the lemon color.

This is the image of color combinations:

What shawl should I wear with blue coat?

If your coat is blue, for coordinating the color of it with a proper shawl, choose the shawls with white, black, green, purple or orange color. Also, remember the orange color is the complement of blue color.

Which colors are suitable to coordinate with yellow shawls and coats?

If you like loud colors like yellow, it is good to coordinate your yellow shawl with white, black, green, orange or purple coat and vice versa.

How to coordinate your coat with white shawl?

In general, the white color is a color that when it combines with other colors, it gives a special attraction to them. You can use white shawls with green color, it is one of the best color combinations that you can have.

Apart from this, if you are wearing white shawl and white shoe, then you can use crimson coat to make a beautiful color design for your appearance. Also, another attractive color combination that you can have is to wear a red shawl with white coat.

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