Options and setting information about electric blankets

November 7, 2019 By sadra 0

Here are some options and setting information about electric blankets may be useful for you to consider in buying an electric blanket.

What options shall I consider in buying an electric blanket?

Electric blankets are in various kinds and with different options; Some blankets only have on/off switch controller, some of them have temperature controller, some of them are auto temperature controlled, etc. The blankets have different textiles. The fabric used for producing blanket can be cheap or expensive.

Washing electric blanket is also concerned, you have to wash the electric blanket carefully. Also, be careful when you want to put the electric blanket in dryer; The water may remain in the blanket and while you plug it into electricity you may get electric shock.

In addition, try to buy anti allergic electric blankets. Anti allergic electric blankets have natural textile. (All the Electric Blankets in GetOrWhat company are anti allergic). Moreover, the international licenses for electric blankets are important because they show the product’s standard.

The controllers with timer are more preferable. Also, consider the safety of your product. Electric blankets with heat resisting wires are highly regarded.

Can we use electric blankets during the night?

Some of the electric blankets have automatic thermometer controller, so at the time you get enough warm and the temperature goes down, the controller switches off the blanket automatically. The electric blankets should be safe, but you have to obey some safety rules in order to lessen the probable dangers that can an electric blanket cause.

Here are some safety points that may be useful in using Electric blankets:

  • Try to buy a standard Electric blanket. Because as electricity is an expensive energy source, the electric blankets use large amount of electricity while using them.
  • Never buy a second handed electric blanket.
  • Always buy electric blankets in packaged form.
  • Don’t use electric blankets after taking bath and while your body is wet, because it may cause electric shock.
  • In normal conditions, it is better to use an electric blanket for ten years. In addition, if it is possible bring your electric blanket to an electric expert to check if it has problem or not.
  • Do not believe in rumors people say about electric blankets that can cause cancer or other diseases.
  • If your body system is a kind that your feet get cold fast, it is better to use heating pads or cover your feet with a normal electric blanket.
  • Electric blankets are not good to be used in kids bedroom, except while they’re under their parent’s control.
  • When you’re not using the electric blanket, plug it out from electricity.
  • If something is in the electric blanket like a book or a cloth, do not turn on the blanket.
  • Be careful while you’re plugging the electric blanket to electricity, specially do not let sharp stuff like knife hurt the blanket’s wire.
  • In summer, when you want to put the electric blanket a side, do not press the blanket. It is better to roll the blanket and put it in a dry place.

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