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10 signs that indicate you are a good driver

May 11, 2020 By sadra 0

10 signs that indicate you are a good driver

A good driver is cautious, makes accurate estimates of their actions, which follow the rules, but at the same time, takes the right decision fast. He takes care of the car and the others.


  1. You know the rules of the road and all signals

    road signs

Not only do good drivers know the driving rules, but also they know how to use them in the time of need.

  1. You are calmrelax driver

Being calm is important on the road. Additional nerves can cause problems even to a good driver when fast decision-making is required.

  1. You drive your car properly

Some signs show that your car is not driven properly. For example, if your car often is into a car service, one reason may be that you do not run it properly. For example, you press brake sharply and gas pedal often, repair the brakes. Sharply braking, pushing a gas pedal, gear shifting is unusual for a good driver. Always give a sign about what you want to do. Be gentle with pedals, this could avoid accidents.

  1. You are tolerant to other drivers

When someone makes a mistake because of small attempts or ignorance, the patient driver would not do something rash. Practice polite driving habits: Avoid tailgating, cutting off other vehicles, speeding, weaving, leaving high beam headlights on, and erratic braking. Don’t drive in the left lane slower than the rest of the traffic.

  1. You respond appropriately in different situations

That you drive well could be known from your reaction in different and difficult situations. Usually, skilled drivers have faster reactions in different situations.

  1. You maintain your car in a very good technical condition

    car engine

    car engine

The attitude of the driver to the car is almost always associated with a person’s character. If you take good care of it and maintain the appearance of the car, it should work properly. Good drivers appreciate the benefits of their vehicles.

  1. You are observantObservant driver

Observant drivers use their vision to monitor many different objects simultaneously without getting distracted. For example, peripheral vision to watch the bumps and potholes on the road without having to stop to watch the main road.

  1. You can make a proper assessment

The sensible driver can appreciate the different road conditions and knows how to drive safely in all types of road surfaces and conditions.

  1. You are well acquainted with the automobile systemsautomobile system

Knowing the car is essential. You need to know the dimensions and make a proper assessment of the acceleration and movability. Experienced drivers more flexible if they need to drive another car.

  1. You do not have accidents and tickets from the PoliceAccident scene with car crash on highway illustration

Both of these factors can indicate that you are a good driver. But bear in mind that just because you haven’t had any accidents doesn’t mean that you are safe forever. You should always be careful.