Fashion Business Immigration

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Fashion Business Immigration is pretty popular these days and there are people who leave their country to study fashion or to work in this field and after finding a related job apply for citizenship. In this article we only analyze the conditions for fashion business migration however there are other possible ways to migrate in line with this field such as educational and investment migration.


Ways to business migration in fashion field

This field of study has many subcategories that people may apply for studying them as well as related businesses. in the following section there are some subcategories of this field;

business migration as fashion designer


Fashion design is very important for fashion industry. If you have studied fashion design, you can be quiet successful if you practice some technical and practical skills. Among the requirements of migration as a

Fashion designer there are, educational certificate, fashion design portfolio, knowledge of raw materials and fabric and the required technology for production.


Those who studied fashion design will be able to find a job related to their own feilds of study and they’ll be able to use different facilities whether for weaving patterns or for developing calligraphy. In this case fashion designers will be capable of running small companies as well as self-employment businesses.



Business Immigration as a fashion photographer


Photography is an inseparable part of fashion industry since it provides a connection between new designs and the viewers. Requirements to migrate as a fashion photographer include educational certificate, analyzing the effective processes on visual connection and practicing technological skills.

While educating, the student should also learn about directing photo sheets ,lightning, branding as well as working with equipment and software, gaining video making skills and photo editing.


If one has the requirements above, can work as photographer assistant whose duty is to prepare the photo collection, adjusting brightness and equipment, editing and enhancing the quality of digital photos. Besides They can be self-employed or get to work at studios, newspaper offices or any other fashion related group.


Business immigration as fashion management


This certificate prepares students for marketing, store management, presentations chain, production and business patterns within international communication. The graduated students should also be able managing, marketing and organizing all the parts in company.

There are many different jobs available for fashion managers such as company management, supervisory, brand advertisement and trade and production management.


Business immigration as a fashion journalist


Without newspapers, magazines and other environments that allow the industry to share its activities, fashion industry would have never been effective or successful. As a matter of fact, photography and journalism are two critical parameters which lead to fashion industry development.

To migrate as a fashion journalist, one should be able to write as well as creating a good visual connection along with the deep impression of fashion industry activities.

It’s possible to work as a fashion journalist in medias and fashion magazines. You may also be promoted to a chief editor or the chief of all magazines.


PR fashion is among the relevant sections which means to work for a certain brand it’s good to mention that PR is also a multi-client agent.

Business migration fashion trade

This is one of the important jobs in fashion industrial if you choose this specialty you should know about any fashion cycle function process, prediction of the processes and client behavior. In this field of study, you learn about the production sources, brand development process, management chains and related laws.


In this field, one should cooperate with fashion designers, exhibition and stores. the person who has this job should be able of predicting the client’s required clothes and versatile as well as collecting and investing on production.


Business immigration as a fashion stylist

Fashion style leads to creating visual pictures for fashion designers. The Stylist should be able to comprehend the function of style in different medias and industrial sections like newspapers, advertisement, exhibition, digital medias and business.

One of the promotions in this occupation is to be a chief editor or the chief of all magazines


PR fashion is among the relevant sections which means to work for a certain brand it’s good to mention that PR is also a multi-client agent.

The requirements for business migration in fashion field


Different Educational certificates

Copy of all the pages of passport

English degree

Passport picture




Clothing and fashion schools of England

There are professional schools in England teaching the recent achievements of this field as well as other design related subjects and producing clothes

In this school, students are able to choose any of the following courses, jewelry design, clothing design, fashion photography or journalism, management courses and marketing.

Top fashion and clothing schools of this country are at the list below.

Central Saint Martins: this school is located on London where different fashion courses are held. The government of Britain pays for some of the costs.

Kingston university: all designing aspects are taught in the curriculum of this institute. There are also foreign study programs and internship courses provided for students who are interested in practical skills.


Royal college of Art: in this college holding courses include: gold crafting, jewelry, clothing and women clothing.


Marangoni institute: this is an international university whit branches in London, Milano and Paris. One of the pros of this school is that it costs less in compare to others schools.


Modern college of London: this college is a part of art university of London which is very popular for its marketing and journalism courses.


West minister University: unlike the others, this university holds an international journalism course.


Dontenfort university: located on Laster, at suburbs of London, this university provides the students with 6 different certificates.


Falmouth university: this is a university with spatiality in creative industries which mostly works on marketing. Studying in this school will cost you less than taking courses in any other school in London.


Central university of Lankshayar: this university hold 13 different courses in clothing and fashion.


Nottingham Trent university: most of the students of this university made it to a fine job. This university is a nice choice for people who seek for a long-term education.

Migration and Fashion study in Italy

In a sense Italy is the center of fashion and cloth design. For business migration to this country you need English or Italian language degree. To enter the business or to study in this field you need the least score of 5.5 in IELTS or 68 in TOEFL.


Registry requirements for cloth design and fashion study in Italy


To enter the business of this field after arriving at Italy, the best you can do is to get some certificate and diploma.


The requirements that one needs for the first level diploma and academic certificate of educational ministry in Italy are listed below:


*High school graduation certificate or its equivalent which indicates that student spent 12 years at school


*Have at least one English or Italian language degree


*to be at least at the age of 18


*the equivalent certificate of bachelor in art which represents that one had a 3 year education to know the least required knowledge of the field