Styles in fashion world

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Styles in fashion world

Almost every woman or even some men are eager to have a stylish dressing. This post is specially for these kind of people. But, if you have a normal dressing, it will be useful for you to give a little change to your style.

Minimal Style

Minimal style is usually referred to the styles that are so simple and comfortable. Fewer colors are seen in this style and mostly neutral colors are used. This style is suitable for daily use and business appointments. In addition to this, celebrities usually use this style as their everyday style. In addition,  you can see small, elegant and simple accessories instead of glittery accessory and jewelry.

Maximal Style

Maximal style is the opposite of Minimal style. That is to say, unlike minimalism in which simplicity is the main point, in Maximal style everything is exaggerated. This style has a wild composition and it is good for people who are bold in choosing their fashion style. Also, one of the reasons which makes the Maximal style popular among people, is the convenience in choice. Patterned and dark clothes, oversized clothes, large accessories and vibrant colors are the main characteristics of Maximalist fashion style.

Whimsical Style

Only bright colors and attractive designs are used in the Whimsical style which is so popular today among celebrities and famous people. also, dark colors are never used in this style. One of the main items in the Whimsical style is silk and guipure skirts in bright colors and floral and quirky patterns. This fashion style is very suitable for summer because of the cheerful colors and quirky patterns.

Classic Style

Classic style has always been one of the most popular styles because of its high versatility; In other words, you do not have any limitation in mixing classic style with other styles. In fact, this style of dressing can be the basis for other styles. The way you dress in classic style is clean and safe and usually neutral colors in this style are a priority.

Casual Style

The word casual means random and non-serious. You might think this style is sloppy by hearing its name, but Casual style is anything but sloppy in fashion.

In fact, Casual style is a very peculiar style. People who are looking for comfort and prefer comfort to everything else follow this style. This people are not sloppy and they even have a modern, stylish yet simple and comfortable look.

College Style

It is not very common to see College or Preppy style in eastern countries. It should be noted that, the origination of this style is the Western College, which this style in fashion world only for the wealthy and privileged people. In the beginning of creating this style, it was for rich students that used fashionable and expensive brands for going to school.

Over time, College style gained a lot of fans and all the prosperous people with different age groups, followed this style. Of course nowadays, all types of people can use this fashion style. Authenticity, elegance, and being stylish, are key features of college style.

Polo shirts with long sleeves, college shoes, simple women shoes with medium heels, fabric with plaid, stripes, polka dots and small floral patterns, are some of the items in College style. Also, colors such as white, navy blue, dark green, burgundy red, brown, and cream are the colors you can find in college style, and other colors are rarely seen in this style.

Exotic Style

Exotic or extravagant style is a style that consists of anything weird that maybe no one has ever seen. Vibrant colors, embroidery and intricate designs, exotic prints and special jewelry are commonly used in this style.

Boho Style

Boho style is from the people of Bohemia. As it is obvious from its name. Bohemia is in the western part of the Czech Republic. Nature and floral features, loose-fitting dresses, floral and patterned dresses, and cheerful warm colors like red, mustard yellow, etc. are most commonly used in Boho style.

Tomboy Style

Tomboy style is the style of young girls who dress in the boy’s style. This style is simple, hassle-free and fun. People who are the fans of Tomboy style, are usually girls who do not like girly clothing and accessories, and prefer jeans or flannel pants, button-down shirts and comfortable sport shoes.

Avant-garde Style

The word avant-garde has a military origin and means forefront and going forward, and this style in fashion world means unconventional, initiative and enlightening.

Avant-garde style is the most fearless and lawless style of dressing, because in this style, the way of dressing is an art not a fashion!! The idea of avant-garde clothes is taken from men’s clothing and this style is special for parties of celebrities. Interestingly enough, usually the designers and owners of big brands use the avant-garde style to draw the audience’s attention to their extravagant costumes. Later they extravagant unveil their main designs that will certainly appear as more special and beautiful in the eyes of the audience.

Vintage Style

If you are a fan of nostalgia you will undoubtedly welcome Vintage style. Old clothes and their styles are used in to dress in Vintage style. After World War II, wearing Vintage clothes became common due to shortages and restrictions of people on access to new clothing.

During that time, it was possible to buy and access new clothes. therefore, people had to use other’s clothes and second-hand clothes, which led to the emergence of a vintage style in the fashion world. Vintage style includes clothes from 1900-1980.

Vintage style in present time

Nowadays, people wear vintage clothing in combination with modern clothing and are often redesign them with applying some changes. Also, pattern fabrics with limited colors and specially polka dots pattern are among the main characteristics of Vintage style fashion. One thing to note in the Vintage style is that you should never choose all of your style from only one decade, because in this case you follow the fashion of a particular decade.

Retro Style

Retro style is similar to Vintage style and these two styles are very similar that most people confuse them with each other. The date of release of these styles is one of the differences between the retro style and the vintage style. In Vintage style, people use clothes that are already have been used by other people, and there is a long time passed since their release and now the same clothes are used again.

On the other hand, in retro style, the clothes are inspired by old clothes, and produced in the same style in the modern age. In fact, retro style is a classic style that offers a variety of colors and color palettes for each season. In this style you might see pastel colors in one season and dark ones in another season! Printed T-shirts in bright and pastel colors, oversized pants, which are a bit short, and also comfortable sports shoes are examples of retro style clothing.

Sport Style

Nowadays, Sport style is one of the favorite and popular styles in fashion world and among young people. In Sport style, they usually wear comfortable and sporty clothes, sports and brand shoes, sports leagues and so on. In sport style they usually wear comfortable sportswear, brand sports shoes and leggings and so on. Sportswear will not only give you a sense of comfort but will also give you an attractive style if selected correctly.

Gothic Style

Being black and white is the main feature of Gothic style, whether in clothing, in make up or hair color. The Gothic style is a strange style full of special accessories including chains, rings and metal beads. People who want to show off themselves usually follow this style.

Artistic Style

In Artistic style, strange and heterogeneous clothes are the main items, so that, when one enters a gathering, the particularity of their clothes becomes apparent. People who have artistic mentality are usually fans of this style. Each person creates their own style that is why this style may be look different for each individual. But in general, the main feature of this style includes the use of hats, scarves and jewelry. Along with, special accessories with different shapes are good to use them with this style.

Hip hop style

Hip hop style dates back to the 1980s when in the slums of America, younger children had to wear their older brothers’ clothing. In the 1980s, big brands including Adidas adapted themselves to this culture. After that, Hip hop style had some little changes until it took its present form. Wearing clothes that are too large or too loose and guerrilla pants are the key features of Hip hop style.

Rocker style

One of the attractive styles in fashion world is Rocker style. Rocker style varies in different people, depending on what style of rock they favor. But in general, there are three types of clothing, including loose-fitting T-shirts, jeans and leather jackets for Rocker style fashion. People who love art and music usually use this style.

Punk style

Punk style has originated from the punk subculture, which is a protest movement. Punks are anti-capitalist and anti-materialistic, so they do not follow the fashion world and do not use expensive clothing in their style.

Since the beginning of the punk movement was accompanied by music, punk style was first exhibited by music bands. Punk is a branch of rock. Punks were actually protesting through music, in a more explicit way than rock. The main features of Punk style include, messy hairstyles, being sloppy, dirty and untidy clothes, ripped pants especially jeans and leather.

Cowboy style

Cowboy or Western style is one of the old styles in fashion world that comes from the cowboy’s lifestyle. This style is a local style which became popular by celebrities like Roy Rogers.

The main source of cowboy style is from Spain, but it has a more prominent role in American culture. In fact, this style brought many features of several region’s culture with itself by migrating from one region to another, which has led to some changes in Cowboy style. Jean pants, plaid shirt, suede jacket and of course, accessories are a key part of the Cowboy style.